Agriculture and forestry in the Vilstal (Lower Bavaria)

Agriculture and forestry in the Vilstal (Lower Bavaria)

The Vilsbauer im Vilstal (Dingolfing-Landau district) is a traditional farm. We rely on a healthy mix of sustainable timber management, fair animal husbandry and agriculture. On the following pages we introduce ourselves, our products, but also products of friends that you can obtain from us.

Spruce wood bundled to a length of meters: Directly from our forests we offer firewood for domestic use. Buy here

Sustainable land-based management of forest areas is a matter of course for the Vilsbauer.
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On the page we also want to give an insight into what happens in agriculture over the course of a year.

For many years we have been relying on pig farming – fair handling of the animals is our top priority.
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milk and egg
Milk from chicken chillers (friendly farm), eggs from chickens: In the Vilstal, we still produce our own food.

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