DFB team prepares for EM 2022

France and Chile are the opponents of the DFB women. They’re meeting for two international matches at the end of the season. And they are the prelude to intensive preparations for the European Championships 2022 in Englang. “ Now it’s time to start, we want to make that clear to the players. We will formulate our expectations, but we will also identify priorities in exchange with the players”, said national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg (53) at an online press conference. In the match against France on 10 June (9. 10 p. m. ) /sportschau. de) will send the strongest squad currently available to the field in Strasbourg. The encounter with Chile in Offenbach on 15 June (15. 00 Uhr/ZDF) will then become a show run for the younger players. “ The game is going to be mega-exhiting France has a lot of young female tempos players, plus some very experienced ones, who lead the game”, said Voss-Tecklenburg.

Agricultural technology from practice: Voltage simulator makes it possible to eliminate storm damage by test

Menning potholes in the banquet are an accident potential. With the aid of a banquet milling machine, these holes can be removed and the banquet can be re-established. The banquet milling machine was designed by Gebrüder Bachmaier Landmaschinen in Vohburg to optimize workflows and was developed in cooperation with the municipal companies.

“There is little that we have not been confronted with in recent years. From vehicles to be recovered to accident repairs to extensive new concepts of machines”, says company CEO Michael Bachmaier. The most varied requests have already been made, always with the aim of making complex processes practical. And this is where the specialists of the agricultural technology company are in demand: a dike mower, a voltage simulator, a longwood splitter and tipper-cylinder conversions are just some of the constructions that have been used in the past 20 years in the field.

The customer describes the initial problem and the objective, and in joint processes the solutions are then made practical. For example, a device has been designed that can be used to split four metres of wood. In contrast to the normal wood splitter, the slit wedge on the long side of the wood is pushed through.

The voltage simulator, also designed by Bachmaier, is used in forestry training. The logs clamped into the simulator can be provided with different voltages and directions. It enables future farmers, foresters and firefighters to practice how to clean up trees that are wedged after storm damage in the best possible way and above all safely.

From the masters to the trainees, all 15 employees at the Bachmaier company have always been involved in the workshop operation. A change to the classic repair work on the machines is provided, for example, by alignment work.

The Bachmaier company also sells tractors, combine harvesters and front loaders from the Swabian agricultural machinery manufacturer Deutz-Fahr.
Update 2014: to the company’s field day

Deutz driving tractor, Amazon machines, Brantner tipper, Köckerling, Kverneland, Müthing, Rasco, Ropa and Stoll – the range of machines on display at the Bachmaier Field Day is wide. The in-house fair will take place on Saturday, 25. 10. 2014 between 1 and 5 p. m. on the company premises in Menning (district Pfaffenhofen/Ilm).

Next to the tug exhibition of the Deutz Driving machines will take place field demonstrations with soil tillage. In addition, the hacker (Diamant 2000) from Albach Maschinenbau will be on site. For the children there is a colourful children’s programme including bouncy castle and children’s make-up. In the shop of the company there are some special bargains on time for the field day (e. g. chainsaw MS 261 from Stihl with a cutting length of 40 cm, Spray Oil Korrex).

Exhibitors of the in-house fair are:

Deutz Fahr
Albach Maschinenbau
Ducker Maschinenfabrik
Eifo Forsttechnik
Reif Landshut
Ropa / Kartoffeltechnik
Stoll Frontlader

East Tyrol on an alpine hut: Winter holiday on the farm

The Villgratental in East Tyrol offers an indescribable mountain landscape. There you will find an untouched mountain landscape and ecologically friendly tourism. Both during the summer and winter months, you can relax and unwind here: either directly on a farm or in a rustic alpine hut, which is accessible.
In Innervillgraten you can find this – on a small farm on the outskirts of the municipality with almost 1000 inhabitants is the farm of Albrecht Ortner, who manages it accordingly. Cows, pigs, chickens, goats and a few cats run around the farm.

During the summer months, the surrounding fields are cultivated, so that the holidaymakers can be pampered with products that are produced directly on the farm. Fresh milk, homemade butter or a freshly baked bread belong to this.
The natural Villgratental is an eldorado for ski touring enthusiasts. Mass tourism is not to be found here, rather in the region there is a strong emphasis on individual tourism. The comfort of a five-star hotel does not exist, but rather rustic coziness on the farm or one of the huts available here.

Albrecht Ortner’s farm is prepared for holidaymakers of all ages. Because you can experience and enjoy a lot here in the Near Lienz region. Especially for children and young families there is a small playground with climbing scaffold right next to the courtyard as well as a playground in the house. In addition, the children can of course pick up their breakfast eggs directly from the chicken themselves in the morning, explains Albrecht Ortner.

Those who want can also help with the feeding of the animals or drive out with the tractor to the hay harvest


B2B in the Social Web – Albach Maschinenbau relies on dialogue with users

Power Social media makes sense for companies that are active in B2B. We contacted the medium-sized company Albach Maschinenbau (district Pfaffenhofen/Ilm). The conclusion: a healthy mix of classic marketing, online marketing and social media is what is important for a company. The main problem for a company of the size of Albach Maschinenbau: the manpower in the company is not comparable to large companies or the industry, which have several employees in each of the marketing disciplines.

Please give a brief introduction to your company (industry, products/services, customers/target groups, size)

Albach Maschinenbau : As a mechanical engineering company, our customers are diverse. A large area is in the field of forestry. Our main products are the Silvator 2000 and the Diamant, two different models of a self-propelled hacker. Forestry companies, contractors as well as other companies worldwide are among our (targeted) customers. As a medium-sized company, we employ around 50 people.

How was marketing conducted in your industry and your company before the start of social media activities?

Albach Maschinenbau : Since the beginning of the company, we have also relied heavily on online marketing. Because only those who position themselves continuously and well-founded on the web will ultimately be found. Overall, however, we pursue a balanced marketing mix of trade journals, daily newspapers, online media and, of course, the social web with its possibilities. The industry itself is represented on the web – in forums, used machinery markets or in the social web you can often find honest and unmakened user opinions.

B2B and social media – this is sometimes viewed critically: why Albach is active there, what goals do you pursue, what channels do you use – and above all : has your social media activities changed customer perception? – What are do’s and dont’s in business social media for you?

Albach Maschinenbau : From the very beginning, we have also relied on online communication, as the dialogue with users, customers and potential customers is an important concern for us. Portals such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube / Google+ & Co. were important for us in order to reach our target group in their broad range. One thing is very important to us: If someone seriously contacts us in any way, then we react – I think that as a company we owe that to the interested parties. Therefore, you should consider which channels you use – specifically to approach them in a goal-oriented way and to actually support them. Because nothing is worse than a channel that is just standing, on which customers may talk, but you don’t get any reaction from the company – even in the mechanical engineering sector. Likewise, a “no-go” is for us only monologues. We are convinced of our hackers – no doubt: We are convinced of our chippers– no doubt: However, our philosophy refutes to present ourselves as the best and greatest in every sentence or to constantly over-saturate our users with advertising. The important thing is that you get a handle for what the fans are really interested in – and you get that best in honest dialogue. Whether a machine has been sold more or less by the fact that we do social marketing is certainly not 100% possible – the fact is, however, that we have become better known in the world comparison and so deliver machines from the contemplative Upper Bavaria all over the world. This, as well as the feedback from our fans and other customers, is ultimately confirmation that we are on the right track with our strategy.

Diamant 2000

How did you get the necessary know-how into the company (external consultancy, agency, freelancer, new employees or training courses)? Where is social media located in the company (PR, marketing, own department)? How many people work in the field of social media?

Albach Maschinenbau : Our employee in the marketing and PR area has been in this profession since the beginning of the social marketing developments. D. h . these things are carried out in the area and integrated into the corresponding marketing campaigns.

How do your customers react to this? Is social media e. g. accepted in your customers‘ shopping?

Albach Maschinenbau : Well we don’t expect someone to order a Silvator 2000 or a Diamant 2000 like message or post on Facebook. That is not our idea at all. However, it is already the case that (potential) customers keep an eye on our information channels in the social web, sales partners use them in advance – I wouldn’t expect anything more for machines in our category. Our channels are consistently well received, the professionally experienced users participate in the activities and honestly share their user experiences .

neo. family – Relaunch

Currently the revision and realignment of the family magazine neo. family is underway. This is distributed in Fürstenfeldbruck and Gilching. It offers reading pleasure for the family with a “durable life” of 3 months.

A big plus: the target group is available for a longer period of time, which can be quite interesting in terms of ad bookings. The availability per issue is around 13,000 readers, with the ad price of just 635 euros plus the price of the ad. VAT per complete.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to be part of a family-related ad.

Your contact:
contact@neofamily. de

neo. family ® Tips for Winter

For about a year it was quiet around neo. family ®. This November it will appear for the first time. Now under our leadership. In the upcoming issue we try to loosen up the winter time with interesting topics and a bit of wit. Especially in the present time. On the one hand, we offer you a competition with a nice prize for the winner. At the same time, however, they also deal with an issue that is hardly mentioned but all the more important Sleep disorders . These symptoms have increased dramatically in recent years and are affecting more and more people. It is therefore all the more important to know how to deal with it.
Winter 2020 (neo. family®)

Since Corona has limited us this year and still does, we give you some tips on how to enjoy the rest of the year in our magazine. Because even at home you can make yourself comfortable and create an Advent atmosphere. You don’t need a Christmas market for that. We also offer a few facts to give you with which to inspire others. In times when you want to stay at home more often, we also bring you to mind old classics. So a boring evening at home can quickly turn into an exciting game night.

In the district of Fürstenfeldbruck and Gilching we have a number of regional service points. Most of these are facilities where families live. For example, kindergartens, leisure facilities, libraries etc. Our magazine is published quarterly in spring, summer, autumn and winter with themes and activities adapted to the season. It is also possible to place advertisements in our magazine. All information about this can be found in our media data.

neo family – Media Data and Planning 2020/2021
Media data neo. family ®

Your contact person:
Mrs. Michelle Zachert
michelle. zachert@creative-words. com
Phone +49 (0) 8453 436 43 50

neo. family starts the winter with tips

2015 it started with the neo. family. Recently it has become a bit quiet around the neo. family ®. In late summer, we took over as editorial office the family newspaper for the districts of Fürstenfeldbruck and Gilching.

Corona made us house stools. We pick up on the subject and offer book tips for you. We also looked at (healthy) sleep and took a look at the sleep laboratory. Look forward to it. Take a look at the new issue.

neo. family – what is it all about

After a year break, back again! neo. family ® has undergone a change of ownership in recent months and is now part of the communication agency Creative Words. With serious content, small gags and interesting everyday knowledge, we try to inspire the readers. Topics such as sleep disorders occupy a large part of the journal. Light is finally being brought into the dark. People with symptoms of a sleep disorder may be able to identify them better and then take targeted action against them.

The magazine offers further added value by creating alternatives for the Advent and Christmas seasons. Young and old will surely find in the lines an activity that they want to follow and for which they do not have to leave the house. On top of that, it allows you to spend more time with your family. Even almost forgotten traditions are thematized and brought out again. This is how a Christmas party can be set up, which is perhaps even better than the years before.

Many households are reached with a nationwide distribution of journals through the district of Fürstenfeldbruck and Gilching and selected, target-group-specific institutions. A new issue is published quarterly. The themes are adapted to the seasons. So are the possible ventures. If you are looking for a platform to advertise your own business in the Munich area, you can place an ad in neo. family ®. In the attached media data you can find out all the necessary information for a collaboration.

neo. family – spring is coming

For our editorial office, the spring issue is the second issue of neo. family that we produce. And we are very much looking forward to it, we are currently in the middle of preparations.

the neo. family is virtual

District Administrator and producer of protective masks

We looked around in the two districts of Gilching and Fürstenfeldbruck. We met interesting people and personalities (virtually) – the AHA rules due to the pandemic are an important criterion for us and our interlocutors.

The district has long relied on mobile work

Be curious to see what Fürstenfeldbruck’s district administrator provides for families. Let yourself be surprised what tips a gynaecologist has in store for expectant mothers. Oh yes – we also let a producer of protective masks from the area of distribution speak.


And yes: of course, we have another mystery with us in this issue. Read the new issue carefully and you will certainly be able to solve it. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Read neo. family® also via app

Since the acquisition of neo. family® we have been busy developing. Just in time for the second issue (under our direction) the neo. family® app is online.

Both via Android and Apple you can find us with the term “neo family” (Link: neofamily-vorschau. zur. app)

You need advice, you have topics: Our competent team is available during normal business hours via phone, email, chat or via social network channels (e. g. in Facebook) for you as a contact person. Therefore, please visit us on our website . . .