neo. family – spring is coming

Aus Von Ramona Schittenhelm

For our editorial office, the spring issue is the second issue of neo. family that we produce. And we are very much looking forward to it, we are currently in the middle of preparations.

the neo. family is virtual

District Administrator and producer of protective masks

We looked around in the two districts of Gilching and Fürstenfeldbruck. We met interesting people and personalities (virtually) – the AHA rules due to the pandemic are an important criterion for us and our interlocutors.

The district has long relied on mobile work

Be curious to see what Fürstenfeldbruck’s district administrator provides for families. Let yourself be surprised what tips a gynaecologist has in store for expectant mothers. Oh yes – we also let a producer of protective masks from the area of distribution speak.


And yes: of course, we have another mystery with us in this issue. Read the new issue carefully and you will certainly be able to solve it. We look forward to receiving your submissions.