neo. family – what is it all about

After a year break, back again! neo. family ® has undergone a change of ownership in recent months and is now part of the communication agency Creative Words. With serious content, small gags and interesting everyday knowledge, we try to inspire the readers. Topics such as sleep disorders occupy a large part of the journal. Light is finally being brought into the dark. People with symptoms of a sleep disorder may be able to identify them better and then take targeted action against them.

The magazine offers further added value by creating alternatives for the Advent and Christmas seasons. Young and old will surely find in the lines an activity that they want to follow and for which they do not have to leave the house. On top of that, it allows you to spend more time with your family. Even almost forgotten traditions are thematized and brought out again. This is how a Christmas party can be set up, which is perhaps even better than the years before.

Many households are reached with a nationwide distribution of journals through the district of Fürstenfeldbruck and Gilching and selected, target-group-specific institutions. A new issue is published quarterly. The themes are adapted to the seasons. So are the possible ventures. If you are looking for a platform to advertise your own business in the Munich area, you can place an ad in neo. family ®. In the attached media data you can find out all the necessary information for a collaboration.