Price list

Pricing journalistic services is difficult. I would also be happy to explain briefly why this is so. Some texts require a great deal of research, others a smaller one. For some searches you have to consider a corresponding approach to place x, others can be easily researched from the office.

If I were to give a flat rate here, I would have to start with the maximum research effort. I’m sure you wouldn’t like that. Therefore, it certainly makes more sense to contact me, explain your concern and we talk about effort and price.

Unlike solid products such as food, craft accessories or spare parts, communication services cannot be measured in a flat-rate manner, as they always depend on the inventory and the individual wishes of the client.

– Which target market do I want to reach

– How well-founded should my messages and reports be

– Which channels should be used
Fair prices calculated
Press relations / Corporate Publishing

As a company, you need to be able to keep a transparent overview of PR expenditures at all times. That’s why my billing models are based on fixed prices and flat rates. There are no unexpected or hidden ancillary or consequential costs. The following price models are available:

Individual ordering: You order required press texts as required. The billing is per text and based on my current price list. Request your offer by e-mail from me.

Quota withdrawal: You order a pre-agreed number of press articles for a specified period (e. g. 12 months). Compared to individual orders, you pay a lower amount per text. I would be happy to make you a non-binding offer. Just contact me!

On request, I will of course also charge for services on an effort-related basis. The calculation basis for this is the hourly or daily rates from the current price list.

PR agencies:

The remuneration of orders is usually based on fixed prices, which are stored in the current price list. An expense-based billing is also possible. Feel free to contact us with your specific request.

Specialist publishers:

Remuneration for editorial services is based on fixed prices, hourly or daily rates or postings per page for individual texts (one standard page). = 1,800 characters with spaces).

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The prices at the time of the order are valid. For more information see Terms and Conditions.