Robo-Goniometer – a flexible measurement in the optical area

The opsira Robo-goniometer is used to perform flexible measurements. This occurs in conjunction with angle-dependent parameters, which can be found in the area of ​​photo-and radiation-based rubric.

The Robo-goniometer has a 6-axis mechanism. This allows the Prüfliche (light sources and luminaires) are positioned exactly. Manipulations in the angular range can thus be excluded as well as customers can expect of precision and reliability in the context of measurement.

Measurements in all three planes A, B and C are possible. One reason is the high number of degrees of mechanical production. And everything takes place by means of a device: the Robo goniometer. The measurements are oriented to all the DIN 5032nd Appropriate individual configurations are considered by the measurements.

opsira relies on a complex concept. When checking the optical systems on the one hand Komplexistät is checked. Particularly in relation to lighting, environmental conditions and costs. This allows very early concrete statements are made to Proszessablauf and the entsprehenden costs.

The opsira has the Robo goniometer developed high technical standards – industrial needs. It is in principle no matter whether they are measuring processes and alignments in highly sensitive medical sector or the automotive industry is. For the basic procedure is course, do in all areas. Individual product-specific adaptations are to be clarified in accordance with the order and can be considered. Because you look into the details, there are certainly differences in the products from the consumer sector or the industrial production of technical equipment and installations. Modern development programs and measurement techniques help the individual conception of the optical systems of the robot goniometer.
Now to the details and facts: The Robo goniometer is a highly accurate instrument. This is also important, since the precision of the measurement will affect the corresponding data. In the measurement laboratories Oprira the photometric performance can be accurately determined. This will provide a basis to undertake specific customer designs and make qualifications of customer systems.

The robot, which the opsira developed, provides a range of options and parameters. The measuring systems luca, gonio, spec’3 SPR’3 and in the laboratory and R & D activities as well as used in production control processes. Using the company’s own custom-developed software, the quality control of the measurement technique and a good usable documentation of measurement results can be guaranteed.The TCP / IP software interface x’remote make the control of a parent application possible.

The opsira employs highly qualified engineers and can thus ensure that development standards are maintained around the Robo goniometer and one is in the area of optical systems and instrumentation present in the market.

More information is available on the Company’s

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