For publishers, editors, associations and companies, we develop new editorial concepts – or further. We focus on individual topics, special items and complete publications, whether for print or online.

We stand by publishers and editors as proven media experts. We support editorial projects for existing or new brands. The competencies lie in the development of special parts and magazines as well as the implementation of book projects. We also provide targeted impulses for the design of new websites and information portals.

For associations and companies, we take a professional look at existing journalistic media or upcoming new publications. These include employee magazines and customer magazines as well as Internet blogs or newsletters. We also create suitable content and image concepts for company books, commemorative publications or annual reports.


We are professional journalists and support clients with a wide range of journalistic services. Our clients include publishers, editorial offices, associations and companies.

A good sense of current content, clean research and style-proof texts characterize our work. We write new articles according to the highest editorial requirements or fine-tuning existing texts with an extended proofreading capacity.

Thanks to our long experience in media work, we know how to develop challenging topics, to structure them clearly and to write them in a way that is suitable for the target group and easy to understand. Our speciality is high-quality guide texts, even for complex topics.

Some services at a glance

  • Author selection and coordination
  • Topic monitoring and text conception
  • Editing and proofreading of all kinds of editorial texts
  • Preparation of special editorial parts and supplements
  • Text editing for employee and customer magazines, annual reports, press relations, anniversary and commemorative publications
  • Online editing for website, newsletter and social media
  • Ghostwriting for articles, speeches and lectures
  • Creation of book manuscripts


From books to magazines to information portals: Many publications are in a tough competition. Products are quickly lost in the crowd. Publications with a high editorial quality stand out and gain a distinctive profile.

Creative Words produces ready-to-print texts, pages and special parts. We deliver premium content on complex topics: journalistically competent, clear and comprehensible. And provide the right pictures: eye-catching and informative. We have all forms of media and their links

A special expertise lies in the publication of special issues and books. We design exciting topics and manuscripts. The projects are implemented by our team of authors in cooperation with media houses and publishers.