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Creative words communication agency

Who are we? Creative Worte is a PR and communication agency in the heart of Bavaria – right in the hub between Munich, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Landshut and Ingolstadt.

What do we do? With our very own approach to public relations, we have earned our place. Our customers today include start-ups as well as medium-sized companies from all over Germany as well as international companies.

Why us? With passion and expertise, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers again and again. Not only do we want to increase your satisfaction, but we also want to improve the user experience of your customers. Get to know our way of working and our self-image as well as selected references and projects. Or join our team and support us in implementing innovative and outstanding web projects.

Our history: Our agency has been in existence since 1997. It all started with the freelance journalistic activity of the owner Ramona Schittenhelm. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the editorial office has been transformed into a communications office. Responsibilities in the field of public relations have been taken over.

Our employees and our ambition: our employees offer creativity combined with a high degree of professionalism and the necessary knack for the extraordinary. Our team distinguishes itself from other agencies by a clear focus on wide-ranging topics, data-driven communication and interdisciplinarity. In this way, we not only promote great articles and posts for our customers, but also improve their ranking in search engines, build landing pages and manage social media appearances with our approach. We avoid no-news. For us, the focus is on providing the journalist and thus his readers, viewers or listeners with added value through our work.

We test ideas for their feasibility and ask ourselves whether the effort justifies the expected yield. After that, we usually research the necessary data bases independently. We follow the maxim: Each dataset contains at least one story, which we then skillfully link to the core messages of our customers. The ideas come to us primarily from our deep understanding of the media landscape. We read, watch and hear everything that is relevant right now and will be relevant in the future.

Heads of Creative Words Communication Agency

Ramona Schittenhelm The graduate PR consultant focuses on measures that are tailored to the company, takes into account the company’s existing budget for communication measures and combines classic measures with PR elements from the online and social media sectors.

photo by Melanie Schrott

graduated PR consultant and editor (2006/2007 – PR consultant (dprg-certified)

The media office Ramona Schittenhelm was founded in 1997 and works in a network of experienced media experts – from social media professionals to audio and video professionals, relying on goal-oriented, honest communication.

Journalism is objective and neutral information about a topic or topic. Regional journalism in particular offers diverse topics and areas of interest.

freelance author and journalist for radio, print and online