Agricultural technology from practice: Voltage simulator makes it possible to eliminate storm damage by test

Agricultural technology from practice: Voltage simulator makes it possible to eliminate storm damage by test

Aus Von Ramona Schittenhelm

Menning potholes in the banquet are an accident potential. With the aid of a banquet milling machine, these holes can be removed and the banquet can be re-established. The banquet milling machine was designed by Gebrüder Bachmaier Landmaschinen in Vohburg to optimize workflows and was developed in cooperation with the municipal companies.

“There is little that we have not been confronted with in recent years. From vehicles to be recovered to accident repairs to extensive new concepts of machines”, says company CEO Michael Bachmaier. The most varied requests have already been made, always with the aim of making complex processes practical. And this is where the specialists of the agricultural technology company are in demand: a dike mower, a voltage simulator, a longwood splitter and tipper-cylinder conversions are just some of the constructions that have been used in the past 20 years in the field.

The customer describes the initial problem and the objective, and in joint processes the solutions are then made practical. For example, a device has been designed that can be used to split four metres of wood. In contrast to the normal wood splitter, the slit wedge on the long side of the wood is pushed through.

The voltage simulator, also designed by Bachmaier, is used in forestry training. The logs clamped into the simulator can be provided with different voltages and directions. It enables future farmers, foresters and firefighters to practice how to clean up trees that are wedged after storm damage in the best possible way and above all safely.

From the masters to the trainees, all 15 employees at the Bachmaier company have always been involved in the workshop operation. A change to the classic repair work on the machines is provided, for example, by alignment work.

The Bachmaier company also sells tractors, combine harvesters and front loaders from the Swabian agricultural machinery manufacturer Deutz-Fahr.
Update 2014: to the company’s field day

Deutz driving tractor, Amazon machines, Brantner tipper, Köckerling, Kverneland, Müthing, Rasco, Ropa and Stoll – the range of machines on display at the Bachmaier Field Day is wide. The in-house fair will take place on Saturday, 25. 10. 2014 between 1 and 5 p. m. on the company premises in Menning (district Pfaffenhofen/Ilm).

Next to the tug exhibition of the Deutz Driving machines will take place field demonstrations with soil tillage. In addition, the hacker (Diamant 2000) from Albach Maschinenbau will be on site. For the children there is a colourful children’s programme including bouncy castle and children’s make-up. In the shop of the company there are some special bargains on time for the field day (e. g. chainsaw MS 261 from Stihl with a cutting length of 40 cm, Spray Oil Korrex).

Exhibitors of the in-house fair are:

Deutz Fahr
Albach Maschinenbau
Ducker Maschinenfabrik
Eifo Forsttechnik
Reif Landshut
Ropa / Kartoffeltechnik
Stoll Frontlader