Modern music notation software accomplishes more than just music notation

Aus Von Ramona Schittenhelm

Oldershausen, 18.05.2010 – From the early 90’s music notation has been created with the computer. Since then, software has constantly been developed and has also incorporated many additional features. Music publishers and also professional composers work only with this software. The range of software is huge and in the course of the open source movement, more and more free sofware has come into existence. Frequently it is also used in schools and has become a successful part of music lessons.

The use of music notation software at a price is mostly easier than that of free software, because of the former’s graphic user interface. Currently more and more musicians use it, because in modern versions sequencer and comfortable import and export features are included. Moreover many other features can be used to do notation, to transpose by instrument, to import and export MIDI files and export tracks in different file formats.

The software market is a higly competitve market, and usability and additional features are very important, because the optimal scenario is that both beginners and professionals would be able to use music notation software. A German supplier called forte therefore offers three different versions: a full version, a light version for beginners and a free version.

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Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
The publishing house was founded in 1980 by Dr. Wulf Dieter Lugert, a former university professor and now CEO. Lugert Verlag publishes many magazines for music lessons in school and forthe last few years the magazines have also been published in Switzerland and France. Moreover it offers CDs and instruments for use in schools. The latest project is the music notation software “forte”, which is very successful in Germany.

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